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Category: Movies

Top 2021 movies

While theatrical exhibitions have returned in full force, streaming has further cemented its place in the film industry. Thus, 2021 proved to be a prolific year for movies, with the only thing slowing the immense volume of productions seemingly being coronavirus outbreaks on set. Altogether, audiences had a buffet of options to consume. Of those options, we highly recommend the following films. We’d also love to know about your personal favorites from last year in the comments. Dune I’ve heard of the Dune series many times, but I’ve never read… Read more Top 2021 movies

Top 2020 movies

It was definitely a strange year for movies, with most being either delayed or released solely online for streaming due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, many films still found their way into audiences’ hearts one way or another. Take a look at our list of top movies from last year, and let us know about your favorites in the comments. Soul Pixar knocked it out of the park once again, creating a fun watch for both adults and adolescents while also challenging the audience to rethink their outlook on life. It… Read more Top 2020 movies

Top Christmas movies

The holidays have rolled around once again, and this year we’ve got a list of movies to put you in the Christmas spirit. Chime in with a comment to let us know about your favorite. Home Alone When I was a kid, I wanted to be Kevin from Home Alone. I wanted to have the house to myself, eat all the ice cream there was, jump up and down on the bed without fear of punishment, and shoot BB guns in the house. Most of all, I want to face my fears…. READ MORE →