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Dear readers, This is the final post from The Heartland Attack. I’ve decided to wrap up this website after 2021 in order to spend more time on other interests. I hope you’ve enjoyed the diverse content put out by our talented team of writers and photographers over the years. Whether you live in the great Midwest of U.S.A. or anywhere else around the world, I encourage you to find artists near you who are creating things that you would like. Good art and good community are even better together. Sincerely,Levi… Read more Farewell

Top 2021 movies

While theatrical exhibitions have returned in full force, streaming has further cemented its place in the film industry. Thus, 2021 proved to be a prolific year for movies, with the only thing slowing the immense volume of productions seemingly being coronavirus outbreaks on set. Altogether, audiences had a buffet of options to consume. Of those options, we highly recommend the following films. We’d also love to know about your personal favorites from last year in the comments. Dune I’ve heard of the Dune series many times, but I’ve never read… Read more Top 2021 movies

Top 2021 albums

Music continues to be a mentally healing outlet during a pandemic that many thought would be over by now. Alas, here we are, still duking it out with COVID-19, but at least we’ve got our tunes to help us get through these tough times. Take a look at what we consider the top releases from last year and feel free to tell us about your favorites in the comments. Sob Rock by John Mayer John Mayer’s Sob Rock is without a doubt my top album of 2021. It contained several singles that he had released in the years prior,… READ MORE →

Top 2021 games

Last year was an interesting one for gaming, with much excitement for titles by large and small developers alike. Check out our favorites below and let us know in the comments which video games you enjoyed. Eastward Eastward makes nostalgic calls to a simpler time — a time when The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Earthbound were scattered across every kid’s shag carpeted bedroom in America. With the game’s beautiful art style and dark yet light-hearted post-apocalyptic setting, we follow John, the strong but silent protagonist,… Read more Top 2021 games