‘A Cure for Gravity’ album review

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/IamCrusoe

album: A Cure for Gravity
artist: Crusoe
genre: electro-pop
release date: November 9, 2018
star rating: three out of five

review by Levi Yager

Crusoe’s new EP dropped a couple weeks ago, and, with it, the electronic act treats listeners to more of their upbeat, dance-y tunes. True to its title, A Cure for Gravity is a lot about the push and pull of emotions – and getting to a feel-good high, so to speak.

“Standing on Lightning” is the first track, and it kicks off the album with a fun groove, complete with ultra-singable “oh-oh’s.” Lyrically, it’s about straight-up good vibes. Everything just works here – enjoyable percussion, entertaining lyrics and some nice hooks.

Most of the remaining tracks on A Cure for Gravity fit the same general mold as the first song; they’re about good vibes and living it up. As such, a few tracks get lost in that overall feel and message. Yet, some remain standouts. “Just Move,” for example, hits all the right notes and will put you in an irresistible good mood. It’s a mid-tempo anthem for putting on your dancing shoes and just shaking your butt. It never really gets old.

The last two songs on the EP finally change up the formula. Number six, “Living with the Lights Out,” is a gloomier slow-burner that has a more stripped-down feel due to the simple synthesizer chords accompanied by only percussion and vocals. It’s one of the most memorable tracks and has great lyrics, too. The seventh and final song is “Raise a Toast.” It has some cool, thick bass swimming under the other parts on the track, and the lyrical content touches on life’s frailty and futility while also not being entirely depressing. The bridge in “Raise a Toast” takes a neat detour with a little synth jam that puts the perfect touch on the song. It’s a great track to conclude the album.

A Cure for Gravity is a solid recommendation for fans of pop and EDM. It’s not very complex, for the most part, but that’s not always a bad thing on this EP. If you want to put on some music to sing your blues away, Crusoe might just have the cure you’re looking for.

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