Interview: Nothing Left 2-21-20

(l-r): Alex Camarena, Brandon Leitru, Danon Saylor, Ryan Leitru and Devin Henderson of Nothing Left. Photo courtesy of Facedown Records


Interview by Cale Ward with Ryan Leitru of the band Nothing Left.


Where were you all raised, and how would you say this inspires your music?

We were all raised in different parts of the country. Brandon and I grew up in Iowa, Alex is from California, Danon is from Texas, and Devin is from Missouri. It’s hard to say exactly how much this impacts us musically from an inspiration standpoint, but I think we all have pretty varied interests and influences, individually, that come together, and those certainly come into play in ways we may not be conscious of.

What is a specific goal or goals that you all have for Nothing Left in the coming years?

We really do this band because we enjoy hanging out together and love making music. So, really, that is just the goal: to get out on the road, to hang out and continue creating music that we enjoy together. It’s a thing we do because we genuinely enjoy it, and we all like that we have no real agenda other than the previously mentioned goals. It keeps it light and fun, which is the whole point in the first place.

What were the musicians or bands that inspired you most growing up?

I was very all-over-the-board, but early on, for me, it was Pantera, Metallica and Slipknot on the metal end, and I was also into a lot of the punk stuff happening in the late ’90s/early 2000s. NOFX, Pennywise, No Use for a Name, Lagwagon, etc. Those were bands that made me want to play guitar and be in bands.

What has been your favorite performance you’ve put on since forming in 2016, and why?

I would say the tour we did recently with Beartooth, Motionless in White and Stick to Your Guns. All those shows were incredible, and every night was really a great time. Hard to pick just one of them because they were all so great, and it was a tour filled with amazing people that we have known for years. So, I give that whole tour my vote.

Is there more music in the works, or do you plan on touring Disconnected for the foreseeable future?

We are planning on touring more on Disconnected, for sure, and have some stuff in the works on that end. As far as more music, we are always bouncing ideas around, and we are always writing, so more music is something that is absolutely on our radar. How soon, though, time will tell.

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