‘Something To Say’ album review

Image courtesy of JordanaNye.Bandcamp.com

album: Something To Say
artist: Jordana
genre: alternative pop
release date: July 31, 2020
star rating: four out of five

review by Levi Yager

Something To Say is a pleasant surprise for sure. On my first listen, I was on board from track one till the very end, and repeat listens haven’t worn me out yet. Jordana seems to know exactly what she wants to say and how she wants to say it, and she does so with fantastic originality.

The first song is called “I’ll Take It Boring,” and, ironically, it is anything but. The soft, warm textures meet atypical chord progressions, and Jordana fires off a bull’s-eye of a chorus that’s totally irresistible. The lyrics here touch on a preference for just staying in and chilling, and it’s a fun little anthem for all the homebodies out there.

Interestingly, “I’ll Take It Boring” gets a quasi-reprise in the third track, “Hitman.” The latter recycles some of the melody and cadence from the former and repurposes it as a jacked-up, grittier number. But this isn’t to say “Hitman” is a half-assed track. Quite the opposite; Jordana makes intentional changes to give “Hitman” a life of its own.

Without a doubt, “Big” is the single of Something To Say. Stepping up to the plate at number four, it’s a massive slugger of a pop tune about – naturally – feeling larger than life. “Big” is a brazen delight with some wide-swinging, ostentatious hooks. If you’re looking for a cut that leans a little more radio, start here.

I’m not really hitting every song on the record in this review, but I definitely want to mention the sixth and final song, “Forgetter.” It’s tied with “I’ll Take It Boring” as my favorite on Something To Say. In another somewhat ironic title, it’s not a song that’s easily forgotten. The vocal work on “Forgetter” is simply stunning in both design and execution, and the slower rhythm (featuring a perfectly suited bassline) just flows so well. “Forgetter” is a quintessential heartbreaker, and it concludes the EP on a high note.

There’s so much to love about Something To Say. First and foremost, Jordana is a master of introducing new melodic ideas around every corner. Her knack for innovation elevates the record in every way, and she consequently avoids having any real filler tracks. Secondly, she exhibits incredible vocal control, gliding seamlessly between her natural range and falsetto. Her singing, which also has a breathy quality to it, is absolutely one of the best parts of the EP. The varied instrumentation is worth noting as well; Something To Say has a unique blend of guitars and synthetic pop sounds that’s refreshing to hear.

You gotta check out this EP if you haven’t already. It’s spontaneous, quirky and thoroughly enjoyable. Something To Say might very well make a fan out of you like it did to me.

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