‘Influence’ album review

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/EISMmusic

album: Influence
artist: Everything In Slow Motion
genre: hard rock
release date: October 16, 2020
star rating: three out of five

review by John Henry

Over the past eight years, Everything In Slow Motion has won the hearts and ears of many. Time after time, their technical skill, creativity, and attention to details have allowed them to deliver a rich and intricate experience that keeps me coming back for more. That being said, their latest release, Influence, seems to have left me stumped. Something just seems to be missing.

The first track, “Apollo,” sets the melancholic tone of the album and eases the listener in as it builds intensity before coming to a close. The second track, “Influence,” changes up the tempo with an intro reminding me of that southern metal swing that gets my foot tapping, delivering “rock and roll feels” right up to the very end.  A couple tracks later, “Choke” will have you hitting repeat and camping out on the grooviest song on the whole album. Except for the last, the following songs failed to catch my attention. “Endurance” paid off, however. Influence finishes out with “End of My Rope,” which capitalizes on their slow and steady style I’ve come to appreciate more and more.

Although it contained songs that will keep me coming back for years, Influence seems to be missing something – possibly a detectable direction. Besides the previously described melancholic tone, I have a hard time finding what ties it all together. While I was continually drawn in by the quality of the music, the vagueness in lyrics throughout the album made it hard to be fully engaged.

For me, Influence will be an album I listen to while on a road trip or working in the garage. Some albums need to be enjoyed at a distance before they really grow on you. If they do. Perhaps Influence will be one of those for me. Until then, I’ll be getting my “ambient metal fix” from their previous albums Phoenix & Laid Low.

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