‘…To You’ album review

Image courtesy of JordanaNye.Bandcamp.com

album: …To You
artist: Jordana
genre: alternative pop
release date: December 4, 2020
star rating: four out of five

review by Levi Yager

Completing the phrase, Jordana recently dropped the follow-up to her acclaimed EP Something To Say. And it’s just as good, by the way. …To You delivers excellent vocals, sweet basslines and overall solid grooves.

This EP starts with “Interlude,” a chilled-out, intimate intro track. It’s a great beginning that leads us to song number two, “Divine.” This track shifts up a gear but stays at a nice ‘n’ easy cruising speed. “Divine” boasts some fat bass and cool percussion variety – in addition to terrific, original melodies.

The third track is the most single-y of the bunch, “Fuck You.” It’s got somewhat higher energy than “Divine” and is a “diss track” that doesn’t take itself too seriously. “Fuck You” is ultimately a fun song with a boppin’ beat, but it’s not the most interesting as a whole. Though, it does have some standout textures worked in as well.

The final three songs are all highlights. Of these, “I Guess This Is Life” is probably my favorite. It brings down the energy again and comes in close. Also, the lyrics are great. “I Guess This Is Life” ponders meaning in the midst of life’s monotony, strolling through a few everyday scenes from Jordana’s memories. Strings and piano bring out a bit of tenderness, which adds the perfect touch.

I highly recommend this EP. It’s some of the best pop music released this year – a display of definite talent and artistic intentionality in the genre. And, most importantly, it’s super enjoyable. If you haven’t yet checked out Something To Say and …To You, here’s your invitation.

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