‘The Bitter Truth’ album review

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/Evanescence

album: The Bitter Truth
artist: Evanescence
genre: hard rock
release date: March 26, 2021
star rating: three out of five

review by Ainsley Cotherman

After listening to Evanescence’s new album, I wanted to share my thoughts on my four favorite songs and then give a brief recap.

I think “Blind Belief” sounds the most like Evanescence’s older music. The harmonies are just impeccable throughout! I love how the song begins with the soft, creepy piano and then just abruptly switches to the full guitar and drums; it is a neat transition. “Yeah Right” has a really fun, fast beat throughout the verses. Other than the very end of the song (with the lead singer Amy’s notorious, slow, somber almost-whisper singing), this one is the most pop genre-leaning of the album – but in a good way.

“Broken Pieces Shine” has a catchy chorus, making it easy to listen to. The lyrics stay true to the angst which is characteristic of the band’s previous releases. “Far From Heaven” does the best job of showcasing Amy’s vocal talent. The piano is simple, which is nice for anyone wanting to do a cover of the song, but the stringed instruments are what really make this one for me.

They weren’t all winners in my opinion (for example, I found “Use My Voice” a bit corny), but overall, the album is good. It’s clear that a lot of time, effort, and skill went into it. Maybe it’s my nostalgia speaking, but I don’t think anything will top “Bring Me To Life” and “Going Under.”

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