Interview: Revisionist 6-17-21

(l-r): Josh Peavey, Josh Barbee, Eric Martin and Max Abood of Revisionist. Photo by Xavier Raul, courtesy of Revisionist

Interview by Levi Yager with Max Abood and Josh Barbee of the band Revisionist.

How does it feel to finally put The Emptiness of Gravity out into the world?

Max: I think we all feel relieved. We spent a lot of time making sure all of our ducks were in a row and getting things organized. Now we get to hear what everyone’s opinions are on the project, and that’s what I was excited for the most. Seems like people are diggin’ it.

Josh: For me, we poured so much of ourselves in it, and it’s something we are really proud to just have out. A piece of us to share with the world.

Which song off the EP are you most stoked on currently and why?

Max: “Deathbed Kings” has been my favorite to play and listen to. The chorus is catchy, and the riffs are heavy.

Josh: “Wasteland Dreams” is so high-energy live; it’s probably my favorite.

What were the big takeaways from working with Aaron Gillespie as producer?

Max: Don’t think too hard about the small details would be my biggest takeaway. When we were getting demos tracked out before going into the studio, there were some spots that we went back and forth on. But when we showed up, Aaron was just like, “You guys have too much going on – let’s simplify it.” Better have too much than too little!

Josh: I learned so much, and he is a trip to work with. There is definitely a reason he is where he is with his career. Such a talented dude and now friend.

You guys have had a bit of a lineup shuffle in the last year or so; what are the main changes and the reasons behind them? Who’s doing what now?

Max: Our previous vocalist started school and also lived about an hour away at the time, so he unfortunately decided to step down. And so, our guitarist Eric moved over to vocals to fill his spot. Recently, I’ve moved from bass to guitar, and Xavier has taken over my spot. Currently, the lineup is Eric on vocals, Josh B. on guitar, me on guitar, Xavier on bass, and Josh P. on drums.

I heard you’re waist-deep in the process of recording a full-length with Gillespie producing again. Can you tell us anything about what we can expect to hear on that album, and do you have any ballpark idea of a release date?

Max: I don’t think we even know what to expect. It’s too early to really have any details or know what it’s going to sound like. We’ve just been cranking out demos.

Josh: We are excited he wanted to take us on to further what we started with TEOG. It will be a cool, unorthodox experience, and we’re ready.

Just for kicks – if Revisionist ever did Punk Goes Pop, what pop song would you want to do a metal cover of and why?

Max: “Congratulations” by Post Malone solely because I think that chorus goes hard and would make a great hardcore section.

Josh: “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish.

It’s been awesome catching up with you guys. That’s all I got. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Max: Be sure to give the new record a spin if you haven’t already, and come catch our album release show at the Brickyard on June 24th!

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