‘Good Vibes Only’ album review

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/MaxDollarsign

album: Good Vibes Only
artist: Max Dollarz
genre: instrumental jazz
release date: September 24, 2021
star rating: five out of five

review by Levi Yager

Quality over quantity, baby. It’s just three songs, but Good Vibes Only is good to the last drop. This EP is chill, fun and goes down super smooth; Max has done it again.

We start off with “Summer Daze” and its shimmering electric guitar strums. The song then slides into a sauntering groove with drums, bass and guitar noodling. Overall, “Summer Daze” hits you with big beats and a kaleidoscope of guitar tones – it’s almost psychedelic. Honestly, I’d say the whole EP is a masterclass in effectively employing an array of different electric guitar textures.

Next is “Trampoline,” which features Max’s dad, Peter Abood. “Trampoline” is kind of a neo-blues song that mixes in a lil’ synthesizer and some electronic effects. It dips and sways to the lackadaisical rhythm until the synth solo in the middle totally steals the show. This track also gets the loudest and quietest near its end, increasing the volume of the drums – especially through the use of cymbals – before minimizing down to just guitar.

“Peach Soda,” featuring Jordan Nowick, is the final swig of Good Vibes Only. The lead electric guitar work really takes off in this song and includes different textures at different parts. “Peach Soda” is expertly layered and sequenced all-around, and it provides a nice conclusion to the EP.

Good Vibes Only is the musical equivalent of that new car smell – subtly invigorating. The sound feels buffed and polished in a way that makes the arrangements really shine. If you’re into instrumental shit or just looking for something to vibe to, you’re in the right place.

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