‘Impostor Factory’ game review

Image courtesy of Freebird Games

game: Impostor Factory
developer: Freebird Games
genre: adventure
platform: PC
release date: September 30, 2021
star rating: three out of five

review by Ainsley Cotherman

Impostor Factory is the third major installment in a series by Freebird Games. It follows To the Moon and Finding Paradise, both of which I have played. Freebird has also put out some smaller, related side-games: Sigmund Minisodes 1 & 2 and A Bird Story, which I have yet to play.

Impostor Factory has beautifully touching and heartbreaking moments as well as spots of comedic relief, but was slow to start. In the previous games, there was a clear plot, and that’s not necessarily the case with Impostor Factory until at least halfway through the story. The connection between Impostor Factory and the other games was not revealed until the very end, which could be viewed as either a positive or negative aspect.

Both of the previous games had elements of puzzle-based gameplay, whereas this one is mostly just passage through scenes – like a movie. To the credit of Impostor Factory, however, I did find the relationship between the two main characters in this story to have the deepest and most relatable connection. Considering it was also quite inexpensive for a new release and quick to download, I’d rate Impostor Factory three out of five. I hope the next release by Freebird Games is more puzzle-based and faster-paced.

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