‘CONFESSIONS’ album review

Image courtesy of Facebook.com/HOURGLASSbandICT

artist: HOUR/GLASS
genre: metal

release date: October 6, 2021
star rating: four out of five

review by Cale Ward

HOUR/GLASS takes me back with their new EP, CONFESSIONS. It takes me back to when I was first discovering hardcore and metalcore records, and I have got to say, I enjoyed the hell out of it. My head bangs from beginning to end, from “MEMORIES to “NEMESIS,” just banger after banger; you couldn’t ask for a better debut EP. With only five tracks of metalcore bliss, it’s certainly a digestible treat.

The rhythms of this project as a whole I think really show that each member has vast experience with their genre. From the almost somber lead guitar in “BUCKSHOT” to the fade-out in the final track, “NEMESIS,” CONFESSIONS manages to strike the right chords for a familiar sound that hits you right in the hard-rock-loving heart.

The mix is impeccable for a small-town band. There are several uses of panning that I enjoyed, specifically in “TYRANT” (feat. Reality Grip), that really force you to lock in and pay attention for what’s next. With each band member understanding their role to play, one instrument isn’t ever trying to drown out another, and you never feel like they should boost the vocals and bring down the drums or lead guitar – as you do so often with metalcore. Impressively balanced and a delight to explore.

I thoroughly believe HOUR/GLASS should continue to create and perform. I’m certainly now following them on Facebook and Twitter, eagerly awaiting their next live show in the downtown Wichita area. Let’s rock!

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