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Tag: Christmas

Top Christmas movies

The holidays have rolled around once again, and this year we’ve got a list of movies to put you in the Christmas spirit. Chime in with a comment to let us know about your favorite. Home Alone When I was a kid, I wanted to be Kevin from Home Alone. I wanted to have the house to myself, eat all the ice cream there was, jump up and down on the bed without fear of punishment, and shoot BB guns in the house. Most of all, I want to face my fears…. READ MORE →

Top Christmas albums

With the holiday season upon us, our contributors took a moment to reflect on their favorite Christmas albums. Sound off in the comments to let us know about your personal favorite. A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio This timeless album will undoubtedly put you in the Christmas spirit. Vince Guaraldi (piano) takes classic Christmas carols and spices them up with colorful chord voicings and tasty licks. With Fred Marshall on bass and Jerry Granelli on drums supporting Vince, this trio creates not only a great score for a… Read more Top Christmas albums