‘Red Markers’ album review

Image courtesy of Gloomcatcher.Bandcamp.com

album: Red Markers
artist: The Gloomcatcher
genre: soft rock
release date: November 2, 2021
star rating: four out of five

review by Levi Yager

The Gloomcatcher fans were treated to a welcome surprise with the sudden release of Red Markers. This incredibly melodious work of art evokes waves of piercing emotion and prompts the listener to look within oneself. It’s quite percussion-focused, with drums and keys taking a prominent role in the overall sound, and the dynamics are thoroughly engaging due to multiple build-ups, payoffs and resolutions that are extremely well-executed.

Red Markers really makes the most of its six songs. Each one has its own distinct personality while simultaneously lending to a combined, story-like progression across the album. You’re presented with powerful, symphonic moments in “Above” at the beginning of the record as well as the gentle, acoustic lullaby of “The Engineer” at the end. And everything in between only adds to the range of approaches.

I’d say the best song is probably “Here.” It’s also the darkest on the record, as it follows the narrative of a friend succumbing to suicide. Utterly transfixing and tragic, the chorus laments, “Nobody here, nobody here knows. Nobody here, nobody here knows. They don’t know nothing about the way you love. They don’t know nothing about how great you are.” You can just feel the immeasurable pain. It’s one of those songs you think about long after hearing it.

Red Markers is an involving listen on a personal level; it effortlessly transports your mind to places where you’ll deeply ponder the future and reminisce about the past. The music is arranged and produced wonderfully, and the occasionally cryptic lyrics are pure poetry. Even though its content and style might make you think it’s a sad album, it is not without hope.

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