Interview: HOUR/GLASS 11-23-21

(l-r): Niles Loper, Daniel Patterson, Adam Laplante, Kyle Standridge and Nathan Graves of HOUR/GLASS. Photo by Stephanie Nichols, courtesy of HOUR/GLASS

Interview by Cale Ward with Adam Laplante, Daniel Patterson and Kyle Standridge of the band HOUR/GLASS.

Who are the band’s biggest musical influences, and would you all say there were specific influences for CONFESSIONS?

Kyle: Architects, Polaris, Wage War, While She Sleeps, August Burns Red. There weren’t any specific influences for CONFESSIONS; all the songs came very organically, and we all have so many influences that it’d be really difficult to pin down just one.

Where did you all meet; what brought you together?

Kyle: Adam and I met about nine years ago through an ad I posted on Craigslist looking for a vocalist for a project that ultimately failed before it got off the ground. Flash forward to late 2019, I had been away from the music scene for seven years, and Adam randomly hits me asking if I’d be interested in starting a new band with him and our original drummer. I met Daniel through a mutual friend of ours, and the dude absolutely blew me away; I asked him to join on the spot, and we immediately began working on music together. Adam met Nathan through a previous band. Nate just kinda showed up to practice, and no one ever bothered asking him to leave. Adam met Niles a while back, and that’s where we are now.

Are there plans for further releases in the near future?

Daniel: The cool thing with music is, we’re always writing and creating. And there could be songs we’re working on released in the near future.

What’s the dream venue HOUR/GLASS would like to perform at?

Kyle: Right now, for me, TempleLive.

Adam: TempleLive.

Is there a band-favorite track to perform live or one that particularly engages the crowd?

Kyle: “TYRANT” gets people fucking hyped.

Who’s the artist who designed the album cover for CONFESSIONS?

Kyle: We had an image in our head for the album cover, but our good friend Lana Malone brought it to life.

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